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Elderly people, particularly those that have trouble with memory or speaking, are frequent victims of abuse and neglect. Elder abuse takes many forms, from neglect and mistreatment in nursing homes to being prescribed unnecessary medications from doctors engaging in medical malpractice. Many people think they can get away with elder abuse because they believe the victim has no means of fighting back—the person being abused may not even realize what’s happening. Thankfully, the law is here to help put a stop to these practices.

If you believe you are the victim of elder abuse, or if you think someone you love is a victim, contact Berberian Ain LLP to speak with our elder abuse attorney in Glendale. Our team has extensive experience handling these types of cases. We can gather the evidence needed to prove instances of abuse.

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Common Signs of Elder Abuse

In many cases, elder abuse cases are brought forward by the relatives of the person being abused. It can be difficult to tell if your loved one is being abused by medical or nursing home staff, but there are some common signs you can look out for.

The following are a few common signs of elder abuse or neglect:

  • Bruises on the wrists or ankles that could have been caused by ropes used to restrain your loved one
  • Your loved one frequently complains about the staff or says they feel unsafe in a nursing home
  • Your loved one frequently needs treatment for new injuries
  • Your loved one has lost or gained a lot of weight in a short amount of time
  • Your loved one was able to leave the premises of a nursing home without anyone noticing
  • Other residents of the nursing home show signs of malnutrition or injury
  • Your loved one stays in their room most of the time and interacts with others as little as possible
  • Your loved one has started taking a lot of medications they didn’t need before.
  • Your loved one is being overcharged for services and amenities at their nursing home

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Our Glendale elder abuse attorney has extensive experience litigating these types of cases. Pursuing an elder abuse case is extremely important because if it’s happening to you or someone you love, chances are it’s happening to others as well.

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