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Sepsis Negligence in Los Angeles Senior Care Facilities

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Failure to provide adequate medical care to the elderly in nursing homes and other senior care facilities can lead to dangerous and life-threatening medical complications. One of these complications may be sepsis, a blood infection that can lead to septic shock, organ failure, and death. Any infection in the body, whether in the lungs, urinary tract, kidneys, skin, or elsewhere can deteriorate into sepsis. With weakened immune systems, the elderly are at a higher risk for sepsis than other individuals. Neglect on the part of caregivers can contribute to or create these serious consequences.

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What is Sepsis?

Sepsis can result from several types of infections. In a weakened immune system or with a particularly severe infection, the infection does not stay localized to one area of the body. Instead, it spreads through the blood to the entire system. This causes widespread inflammation of the whole body which can plummet blood pressure. When this occurs, oxygen no longer reaches organs and tissues causing serious physical damage.

Infections affecting the elderly in nursing homes and senior care facilities need close monitoring and treatment. Furthermore, incontinent elderly residents consigned to wearing adult diapers or using catheters are particularly susceptible to infection. For these residents, neglect can play a huge part in why they become infected and ensuing complications. Family members should be aware of these problematic scenarios and question the circumstances.

Neglect on the part of senior care facility staff leading to medical problems for residents can include:

  • Lack of oversight on the part of management or owners
  • Poorly trained or underqualified employees
  • Lack of adequate staff
  • Poor hiring practices which fail to identify problematic staff
  • Poor pay which leads to high turnover and poor work quality
  • Lack of policies and protocols that would prevent medical problems
  • Inadequate or poor equipment

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