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California law provides workers with some of the strongest employment protections in the nation, but all too often employers still take advantage of workers through illegal actions, hoping the workers will not fight back. At Berberian Ain LLP, we turn the tables on unfair employers by fighting on behalf of workers in the following types of matters:

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Justice for Your Claim

While state and federal authorities do limited enforcement of employment rights, it is generally up to the affected worker to step forward and take action to hold employers accountable for their illegal acts, and to make sure they are properly compensated for their injuries and that others are not treated the same. But you don’t have to do it alone. We have successfully fought on behalf of workers like you across Southern California in employment litigation. Our team brings years of experience to the table as we fight for justice and financial recovery.

Workplace Discrimination

Being harassed at work or made fun of creates a difficult work environment, especially if you are the target of jokes or pranks at the office. There are a lot of employees who do not know that sometimes harassments and jokes are already meant as discriminatory acts which could definitely endanger your livelihood and put your family’s future at risk. There are different kinds of discrimination such as:

  • Age discrimination
  • Racial discrimination
  • Gender discrimination
  • Disability discrimination
  • Religious discrimination
  • Pregnancy discrimination
  • National origin discrimination
  • Workers compensation discrimination

If you are of a different nationality or sexual orientation and you are always being singled out at work, like always being given unsavory tasks or not being provided with the same benefits as your other co-workers, you may be a victim of discrimination in the workplace. Knowing and understanding employment and labor laws can greatly help you in protecting your rights.

You Are Protected from Retaliation

Discrimination is not the only thing that you should look out for in the workplace. Aside from discrimination, employees are protected by federal and California laws from all kinds of retaliation by their employers. If you file a claim against your employer for harassment or discrimination, this cannot be used by your employer as a ground to suspend you, demote you or terminate you from work. Also, if you file a complaint or report an illegal act being performed by your employer, California laws protect you from retaliation from your employer. This means that, unless your employer has valid reason to penalize you, you cannot be unilaterally or unjustly be reprimanded at work.

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