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It is discriminatory for an employer to consider employment or provide conditions during employment on account of an employee’s marital status. In California, there are state and federal laws that protect employees from marital status discrimination. Marital status discrimination occurs if your employer harasses you or discriminates against you on the basis of whether you are single, married, divorced, widowed or even unmarried with either same sex or opposite sex partners.

If you have been made a victim of marital status discrimination in the workplace in Glendale, Los Angeles, or the San Fernando Valley, don’t hesitate to consult with our marital status discrimination lawyer. Marital status discrimination can begin even from the time that you are interviewing for work. In an interview, if you are asked if you are married, plan to get married, pregnant or plan to have kids, your prospective employer may have already committed family status discrimination against you.

If you believe you have been discriminated against for your marital status, contact Berberian Ain LLP today for a free consultation.

Examples of Marital Status Discrimination.

There are a lot of ways that you could be made a victim of marital status harassment in the workplace. It starts from the time that you are interviewing for work and can continue to happen during your employment and could even lead to your wrongful termination. If you are hired by your employer but later asked with your marital status or future family plans and your employer used this information in making decisions about your job assignment, compensation, bonuses, or promotions, then your employer is committing marital status harassment against you.

Have you ever heard one of your supervisors make the following comments or something similar?

  • You’re driven now but I’m not so sure once you get married.
  • Single mothers are good with low-level work.
  • Pregnant employees are distracted and will have a different priority once they give birth or have kids.
  • Single employees don’t need the money compared to married ones.

In any of these cases, our aggressive marital status harassment attorneys in California can immediately protect your rights against family status harassment.

California Marital Status Harassment Laws Exist To Protect You

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, prohibits discrimination based on color, national origin, race, religion, and sex. On the other hand, all business, regardless of the number of employers, is subject to the application of the Equal Pay Act, which prohibits discriminatory pay practices based on sex. For these federal laws, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission enforces Title VII and the Equal Pay Act.

In any of the above federal laws, though it is not specifically mentioned that marital status discrimination is prohibited by law, it is presumed and contained specifically under sex discrimination where an employee is discriminated against or harassed because of sex, sexual preference or even marital status condition or preference. If you have been made a victim of harassment, discrimination or retaliation on account of your marital status or marital preference then you can file a California marital status harassment lawsuit against your erring employer.

Also, California marital harassment laws prohibit family status discrimination. This happens when an employee is discriminated against for asking early time off or filing for leave in order to attend to a sick family member or to attend a parent-teacher conference.

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